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Nettie Gray asks for her trusted friends’ help when editing essay writing and write-ups. She’s used to the red marks, especially that editors can sometimes be even more ruthless.

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6 Tips to Writing Content the Right Way

| Blogging Tips | October 15, 2013

Writing Content the Right Way

To do it fast or to ensure quality?

Writers are often caught in this dilemma.

There are times when thoughts just wouldn’t flow. When no matter how hard you push, your output still does not satisfy you. And the pressure heightens even more when you’re after deadlines.

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Guest Post: Travel Writing Tips for Beginners

| Blogging Tips | September 27, 2013


Becoming an effective travel writer takes practice, and dedication

Anybody can write. But not everyone can write well. The thing with travel writing is that the number of publications accepting travel write-ups are shrinking, while the number of aspiring travel writers are growing. Good thing there are platforms you can use for free. Start your page on one of these sites, and remember these tips.

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5 Ways to Boost Your Blog’s Appeal

| Blogging Tips | September 25, 2013

Boost Your Blog’s Appeal

Beauty is skin deep. But when it comes to blogs, we cannot deny that website appearance is crucial to drawing and keeping readers. You need to make your content as compelling, and its appearance as appealing. There’s no shortcut way to achieving this though. Here are few tips you can do so.

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Tips to Getting Your Guest Posts Published

| Blogging Tips | September 19, 2013

Getting Your Guest Posts Published

Guest posting offers huge potential to improving site traffic.

With persistence, you can gain as much and even higher traffic than the past six years combined, in the next year.

You should do guest posts too. Anyone can!

You have been writing for some time and your blog is a living proof. So fear not; there’s no harm in trying. This might be the most effective way you can promote your site without spending.

There are rules to be followed however for successful guest posting. Here are few of them.

Follow guest posts guidelines.

The process can be likened to looking for publishing houses that might be interested in distributing your books or printing your essay writing outputs. You are requesting webmasters to publish your work.

These people also observe a set of rules in their site. And if you want them to give you a shot to work with them, then you will have to abide by the guidelines they set. Come up with a guest post within topics they prefer.

Websites that offer guest posting opportunities usually inform interested parties beforehand about their policies. Review these before coordinating with the site owner.

Getting Your Guest Posts Published

Getting Your Guest Posts Published

Talk about what you know.

Show you know what you are talking about.

Choose subjects that you are knowledgeable in so you can share valuable information to readers.

If you are a wanderlust then discuss travel tips you learned from personal experience.  If you have zeroed out on your debts in a year then share money management strategies you used. If your kids always rave about packed lunch you prepare for them then go ahead and talk about food preparation advice for moms.

Guest posting

Guest posting

You need not be someone famous for your guest post to be appreciated. You can be someone readers have never heard about and yet earn respect for your writing. Not to mention, gather an impressive number of likes and shares within a short period.

It’s all in the value of the content. So start with topics you are passionate about.

Be polite.

You are asking for a favor. Learn to say ‘please’ and ‘thanks.’

If the site owner approves your guest post then be grateful. If they don’t, then move forward.

You may not have control over webmasters’ decision whether to approve or decline guest posting requests. But you can always manage your attitude.

Do not be too pushy and demand that they approve your work. Show respect. Great guest bloggers know their place.

Make your blog presentable.

Looks make a big deal to establishing reputation as a writer. Keep your blog clean.

It wouldn’t cost you a fortune after all. Themes now come for free.

Check your website. It probably could use a new look. Also, remember that before site admins approve your  requests, they first take a look at your site. You want to present your best self.

Have a heart of steel.

Never be discouraged just because the guest post you submitted was declined. Keep trying.

In case you really are struggling to get your posts published then evaluate your work, and writing style. Study those of veteran guest post writers. Using inspiration from experts wouldn’t hurt.