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How to monetize Blogging

| Blogging Tips | November 10, 2015

There are various ways on how to monetize the passion of Blogging. Many ways are discussed in different blog post all over the web. From Google AdSense, to Banner and the hugh Affiliate industry, but what does work?

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HELP: TIM – The Influencers Movement

| Web Technology | April 27, 2015

As a blogger, marketer or small online business owner it is hard to find a marketing strategie that works. Experts all over the world will tell you, that you need a homebase as your website or blog where you have full control. Right. You should use Twitter, Facebook and more to build dialogs and traffic to your blog. Right.

But her is the point, growth like this takes time. A huch amount of time. While you have to be able to gain money for your rent you start to get nerves after the first week and may be you start to buy traffic… As a result, you may get traffic but not more sales or you get banned from Google and you are out of the market.

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Guest Blogging is Dead, Long Live Guest Blogging

| Blogging Tips | March 9, 2015

If you listen to some marketers, you will hear people bemoaning the fact that guest blogging is dead. It’s only natural for me to disagree, but I would be remiss if I did not say that there is a valid argument behind their reasoning. Guest blogging has taken a few dings because people have been link stuffing, keyword stuffing and more to garner favorable SEO rankings.

Sadly, those above things have gotten guest blogging in some trouble. So, it has caused people to declare guest blogging dead, but I’m here to tell you that it is alive and well. So, guest blogging is dead, long live guest blogging. Here is why, you should look at guest blogging with fresh eyes.

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The Five Benefits of Guest Blogging

| Blogging Tips | February 4, 2015

Many small business owners try to curate their own content for their company blog. Of course that is always a good idea to let customers and readers know what you have in store for the future and to enforce your branding via your site. Communicating with your customers is vital, but it is not the only method of growing a successful company blog. Let’s think about the benefits of Guest Blogging as well.

Then, this is one way to increase readers, social media followers and a search-engine ranking. All in one, just through the benefits of guest blogging. Using a guest blogger has untold benefits which is why more and more companies are using them to spread the word. But keep the quality and reputation of the authors in your eye.

We have tracked five big benefits of guest bloggers and implore everyone out there to use one for their blogs.

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3 Ways To Take Advantage Of The Google Hummingbird Search Update

| Blogging Tips | March 20, 2014

Google Hummingbird

Google is the most popular search engine used today, and in order to ensure it is providing its users with the best possible search results, it is constantly changing its algorithm.

Google knows that some websites like to “cheat” in order to earn a higher ranking, so the popular search engine is constantly changing the way they rank their websites in order to ensure that these cheaters are not reaping any benefits.

Recently, Google changed its algorithm to Hummingbird. Unlike the last Google algorithm update, Hummingbird is not aimed at punishing the cheaters, but instead aimed at providing better, more fine-tuned results. If you want to improve your search engine optimization, the following are three ways to take advantage of the Google Hummingbird search update.

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How to Use Your Google+ Profile to Dominate Rankings

| Blogging Tips | March 4, 2014

Google+ Profile

One of the easiest ways to increase traffic to your website is to utilize the service of high ranking social media websites. With more people spending time each day on these sites, it only makes sense to get your name and brand in front of as many potential customers as possible. But with so many social sites to choose from, which one is the best fit for my particular business? When you are trying to dominate the search engine rankings, it makes sense to go to where the source that originally generated these rankings. Google+ is a social platform that if used correctly, can literally skyrocket your ranking in the search engines.

It only makes sense that if you want to rank higher in the Google search results, that you should employ Google’s version of social media. The Google + platform is a unique combination of self-promotion and customer interaction, that if balanced correctly can make you an authority in your particular niche. The first thing you have to do is to create your business profile on the Google + website. This is going to be a direct extension of your business and needs to look as professional as your main website. Customize your profile as thoroughly as you can, giving visitors the ability to really get a feel for your company. Take time to write a few paragraphs about your company’s policies and goals, and be sure to give your company a human touch with photographs of your facility and employees if possible.

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