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How Can You Promote Your Website Online?

| Blogging Tips | December 13, 2013

Promote Website Online

When you build a website explaining your business and expertise, you want your target customers to know about it. But how you do that? You need to promote your site among the target group, right? You’ve to increase website visibility so that more and more clients come to know about your specialization and understand how you can help them solve their problems. Not every advertising and promotion mean has to be expensive. There are many ways to get website promotion online without any cost. Did you ever explore them?

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How do you Make The Most out Of Guest Blogging in the Post-Penguin World?

| Blogging Tips | November 29, 2013

Guest Blogging in the Post-Penguin World

Penguin 2.0 has breathed a new lease of life into the real bloggers; those who wake up each new day ready to break a sweat to gain recognition. Well, there are quite a few grumbles out there but serious bloggers now have a reason to smile. To this group, the new algorithms create a near perfect, level playground for all. As long as you do your work well, you always stand a chance.

A bloggers survival tips in the post-penguin era:

There are quite a few ways of navigating the calamity that is penguin 2.0 even for those not too happy about it. Here are a few…

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6 Ways A Guest-Blogger Can Help Your Business

| Blogging Tips | October 18, 2013

Guest-Blogger for Business

You’ve chosen a great domain name for your business website. You’ve had a professional designer ensure your site design is top-notch. You’ve taken all the basic steps towards a functional and attractive presence online. But where is the content for your site coming from? How much information do you have to make available as a business? And where does your site stand in the midst of other relevant websites? Some of these considerations may be more abstract, but fortunately can all be addressed with the addition of one important position to your team.

Here are six areas of your business where a guest-blogger can add significant value.

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6 Tips to Writing Content the Right Way

| Blogging Tips | October 15, 2013

Writing Content the Right Way

To do it fast or to ensure quality?

Writers are often caught in this dilemma.

There are times when thoughts just wouldn’t flow. When no matter how hard you push, your output still does not satisfy you. And the pressure heightens even more when you’re after deadlines.

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Guest Post: Travel Writing Tips for Beginners

| Blogging Tips | September 27, 2013


Becoming an effective travel writer takes practice, and dedication

Anybody can write. But not everyone can write well. The thing with travel writing is that the number of publications accepting travel write-ups are shrinking, while the number of aspiring travel writers are growing. Good thing there are platforms you can use for free. Start your page on one of these sites, and remember these tips.

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5 Ways to Boost Your Blog’s Appeal

| Blogging Tips | September 25, 2013

Boost Your Blog’s Appeal

Beauty is skin deep. But when it comes to blogs, we cannot deny that website appearance is crucial to drawing and keeping readers. You need to make your content as compelling, and its appearance as appealing. There’s no shortcut way to achieving this though. Here are few tips you can do so.

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