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Guest Blogging Dos and Donts

| Blogging Tips | July 1, 2013

Guest Blogging Dos and Donts

Being a successful guest blogger is a good achievement that people want to experience now. Success cannot be gained within days. You need to be patient and keep up the good work. Marketing your blog is easy if you are a qualified guest blogger. Let people know your experience through the high quality content. Guest blogging gives many benefits. You can increase the traffic, brand awareness and get many backlinks. It can make your blog more trusted and valuable than before. However, you should avoid the fatal mistake. It can lead your blog blacklisted by the blog owner.

Check the dos and don’ts of guest blogging below:

Dos of Guest Blogging

  • Generate High Quality Content: The reader will consider you as a good blogger if you can provide the high quality content. You need to make hard efforts when you work on a certain topic. The blog is not always in the form of written words. You can give more pictures, videos and audios to make your readers more interested in viewing the contents day by day. The traffic and page rank on your blog is determined by the quality of the content.
  • Hot Topics: Even though you have a good ability to write the content with perfect language and arrangement of ideas, it is useless if the content is not about a hot topic. The old topic that people are less interested will be less popular among the subscribers. They prefer the topic that they are curious.  You can check the RSS feeds and some relevant news to find out the hot topic discussed by readers.  The readers will eager to read your fresh content.
  • Reread the Article before You Submit It: To prevent any disappointment in the future, you need to reread the content before you submit it on the post. Some bloggers have to be disappointed when their articles are rejected. You need to reread it to find any mistake and disorganization in the paragraph.

Don’ts of Guest Blogging

  • No Spamming: It is a bad attitude if you spam the guest post with your link. It is not relevant to link the guest post with your blog. You cannot do it or you will be rejected as a guest blogger in a certain web.  In most cases you can only link an author bio in the guest post content.
  • No Plagiarism: If you plagiarize or duplicate the content from other post in your guest blog, it shows your irresponsibility as a guest blogger. Plagiarism is forbidden. Your career as a guest blogger is over if your content is detected to copy other posts. You need to make unique contents that give the reader fresh information.
  • Don’t Use Complicated Language: You need to know your position as a guest blogger because you are a college professional. Use a simple language that all readers with various backgrounds can understand. The simple and daily language is appropriate.  Communicate your ideas politely to make your readers understand more about the content. To make the readers entertained when reading the whole sections in the post, you can add a sense of humor. It can make your readers view the blog that you write every day.


Guest Blogging Dos and Donts

Guest Blogging Dos and Donts

The Secrets to Successful Guest Blogging

| Blogging Tips | July 1, 2013

Successful Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is an important step to enjoy a successful online business. We cannot live without other bloggers. You need to build a good relationship. It enables you to reach the new market and build a trust toward your expertise in blogging world. Your marketing business will be successful if you can use blogs for your own benefits. You can reach broader audiences by using guest blogging. You need to note on the search engine ranking too if you want the blogs popular among people. The freshness of your content, quality, and keyword determine the success.

Here are some positive values that you need to understand if you want to enjoy successful guest blogging.

  • Be on Time: No matter how good your content is, you cannot succeed as a guest blogger if you do not have any self-discipline. You need to meet the deadlines that the blog owner has given to you. You need to arrange the schedule so that your content in a guest blog can be published on time. It is not good if you cannot meet the deadlines. The blog owner will think that you are an irresponsible person. You need to meet the deadlines if you do not want to ruin the professional relationship between you and the blog owner.
  • Be a Consistent Blogger: Consistency is very important if you want to be a successful guest blogger. You need to present the high quality content even though you only have fewer readers. With the right consistency and the high quality content, your readers will increase. You can use the words in your content to influence more people and gain more popularity among other guest bloggers.
  • High Quality Content: You need to present unique contents. There is no need to choose the difficult subject that you are not capable to write. You just need to give more valuable information on the content that the readers probably have never read before. It makes you appear as a unique writer. Don’t forget to add a company or blog logo with an interesting image based on the topic that you want to post. People will verdict you as a responsible and hardworking blogger. They will appreciate you by taking more time to do a simple research on certain contents. This condition can make people look at your expertise more. In some cases, the bloggers may recommend you to be a guest blogger in other blogs. You will get more opportunities to succeed in the online business.
  • Share the Love in Your Network: Most guest bloggers have a network. You need to spread the post not only on your web. You also need to share the content to other people. You can increase the subscribers. Share it via email, heck, clients and social networking sites. The possibility to reach more readers is bigger if you can enhance the blogs readership.


Successful Guest Blogging

Successful Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is popular and beneficial. You can increase the business and marketing because you are capable to reach wider audiences in a very limited time. You need to learn more and more to improve your skill as a guest blogger. Read the hot topics in the internet and spread your networks. With a hard work and responsibility, you can be a successful guest blogger.

GuestBlo.gs for Website Owners

| Blogging Tips | June 27, 2013

guest blogs

Find Guest Bloggers for Your Website or Blog

Content is king in the age of Internet and social media marketing. Your customers want an uninterrupted supply of juicy and interesting posts, and the search engines have an insatiable appetite for current, SEO-optimized content. Fresh and relevant content is always in short supply. Guest blogging provides the solution. Guestblo.gs is the content supermarket where you can get high quality, fresh and free guest posts for your website or blog.

What Guest Bloggers are Looking for

Guest bloggers are entrepreneurs and professionals usually looking to establish themselves as experts or credible voices in their own fields.  They have useful information to share with your audience. Most of them are flexible and would write on any topic. Guest bloggers don’t charge you anything; however, you’ll need to offer some value in return for their posts. Website owners usually provide that value by publishing a short bio of the guest author along with a link back to the domain of the author’s choice.

How to Get Guest Bloggers Interested

The factors that can influence your ability to woo good guest bloggers are as follows:

Traffic Count

Most guest bloggers would like their content to be distributed and read widely. If your website receives many hits, you have better chances of attracting better quality guest posts.

Social Media Following

Having a strong social media presence and a lot of following makes your website a favourite among guest bloggers. You can guarantee the guest bloggers that their posts will be transmitted to your followers via your social media channels.

Page Rank

PageRank is a number from 0 to 10, and depends upon the number of referral links leading to your website. Most guest bloggers would blog for websites that have a PageRank of 2 or more. The best way to improve your PageRank is to do some guest blogging yourself, and build links to your domain.

Website Layout

A professionally designed, easy to navigate website layout also helps you attract guest bloggers.

How to Attract High Quality Guest Posts Using Guestblo.gs

You can take the following steps to improve the quality and increase the number of guest posts that you receive for your website.

guest blogs

guest blogs

  • Post detailed and precise requirements, including preferred topics, word count, keywords, and other details
  • Draft your invitation professionally and make it free from errors and typos
  • State clearly how you would compensate the guest bloggers
  • Have a dedicated page with guidelines for guest blogging on your website
  • Reply guest bloggers’ emails promptly and establish a good rapport with them
  • Make an author page on your website and link the Google+ authorship link of all guest contributors to improve the SEO ranking of your website

How to Use Guestblo.gs

It’s really simple. Just make a free account, post your requirements, and start receiving offers from guest bloggers right away.

You can also choose from tons of guest posts already available in our archives. Register free now and start receiving a steady supply of fresh and free content for your blog or website.

GuestBlo.gs for Guest Bloggers

| Blogging Tips | June 20, 2013

guest blogger

Publish Your Guest Posts on the Best Blogs

The days when guest bloggers used to run after publications may be over. The era of content marketing has dawned, and content is always in short supply. If there ever was a best time for guest blogging, it’s now. GuestBlo.gs helps you get your guest posts published on leading websites and blogs by bringing you face to face with website owners, editors, and content marketers.

Why Guest Blog

Guest blogging is a very effective way to establish yourself as an expert and opinion leader in your desired area. Posting on reputable blogs and websites bolsters your personal and business image, and builds your brand. The SEO ranking and PageRank of your website improves as a result of the incoming links that you build on different websites. As more people know you and your business, your credibility improves and you can become famous.

How to Contact Websites for Guest Blogging

GuestBlo.gs puts thousands of website and blog owners within your direct reach. Just select the category you want to write for, view the available guest blogging opportunities, and directly contact the website owners.

The following tips will increase the chances of your guest blogging proposal getting accepted

  • Although you can write a post and send it to a publication, it is always better to contact the publications first and write on the topics that they prefer
  • Your initial email to website or blog owners should be a simple communiqué highlighting your area of expertise and your interest in writing for them
  • Make your proposal letter absolutely flawless and customize it for each publication that you write to
  • In your email, include links to the posts that you have previously published
  • Suggest a few topics and invite the other person to recommend some too
  • Mention that you will not charge them anything for the post, but request politely for your short bio and a link to be included

How to become a Successful Guest Blogger

Becoming a famous and sough after guest blogger takes some time and requires patience and persistence. As a rule, you should never compromise on the quality of the guest posts that you write. Offer as much value to your readers as possible. Write on hot topics and have something different to say. Provide links and helpful resources in your posts. Make sure that you review your post before submission and purge them of any grammatical and spelling mistakes.

guest blogger

guest blogger

There’s no harm in contacting highly read blogs and online publications with your guest posting proposal; however, they would need to see a solid portfolio and some extraordinary writing before they publish your post. It is better to start small and build your way up.

Using GuestBlo.gs

GuestBlo.gs is all the time being viewed by thousands of website owners and content managers looking for interesting guest posts. You can search for guest blogging opportunities from across 24 categories and shortlist the websites that you are interested in writing for. Contact them, understand their requirements, and write guest posts that your readers like to engage with.

Register free now and open doors to unending guest blogging opportunities.

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