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The Wine Layman: Wine in Plain English

The Wine Layman: Wine in Plain English
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The Wine Layman is a guide that translates the complex language of wine into very plain English for those enthusiasts who want to know more about wine but just don’t get it. I’m no guru but an enthusiast just like my readers. In short, another title of this blog could be “Wine Sans the Snobs.” I strip down every bit of pretense that wine snobs have invented and tell my readers that only though their own exploration will they discover what they like or dislike. I have very simple 10-15 minute recipes and wine pairings also that explain WHY a certain wine goes well with each recipe, mostly based on personal experience. The Wine Layman relies solely on expanding horizons, making folks laugh and letting readers be their own judge.

1)READERSHIP and WHAT WE'RE LOOKING FOR: The Wine Layman: Wine in Plain English's audience is intended for the wine beginner - wine drinker who simply wants to know more about wine. The average reader either drinks by the glass or buys bottles that range from $8 - $16 and doesn't really know the first thing about how to expand their horizons. We welcome all posts that have the objective of opening them up to the world of wine without intimidation. Anything from your own humble experiences with wine, the basic wine tip that improved your wine experience, a quick 10-15 min recipe and wine pairing, links to articles you've seen that a beginner crowd would be interested in IE Stuff about Wine and Health, The Fact that the US Consumes More Wine Than France, offbeat articles or links to videos about the wine world, comparative posts IE - How Sideways changed the wine industry the way Michael Jordan changed Basketball, any other general thoughts or musings you have about wine and the world etc. 1a) Opinions and estimations used non exact (IE 30 gazillion) are just fine but if you are citing actual facts or figures, you must provide your link to the information - or just link your post to the information. Easy 'nuff. 2)RECIPE POSTS - PLEASE YES: Food and wine pairing is key to expand people's horizons. I'm looking for posts for recipes that are simple to make within 20 minutes time that require stuff I can buy in one shot at my local supermarket, a stove, an oven, a grill, a knife, a pot, a pan, a plate, a person's mouth, a napkin and utensils (if need be). If you've paired it with wine, please tell me red or white, what type of grape/brand and if possible - why you thought it was a good match. Price doesn't matter. 3) No wine reviews please. There are plenty of those types of sites in other spots. The Wine Layman: Wine in Plain in English isn't one of them. But hey, if you've got a sampler you want to send me...all right..just kidding. 4) All guest posts on The Wine Layman: Wine in Plain English are subject to final approval by Jason - the blog editor. Any post not deemed final will be given to the original poster for editing until it is considered final and ready for publishing on The Wine Layman: Wine in Plain English. 4a) All posts must end with the following line (info to be filled in accordingly): "Posted by "YourNameHere" of "BlogNameandLinkHere" - guest blogger of The Wine Layman: Wine in Plain English" 4b) We are nice people. Seriously we are. Every post of a guest blogger that ends up on The Wine Layman: Wine in Plain English will remain the property of said guest blogger. However, The Wine Layman: Wine in Plain English reserves the right to remove any guest blogger's post without warning, reason or recourse. It's your post, but no money is changing hands and we own the real estate. We will do our best to notify you of any changes to the best of our ability. 5) Not every piece of language on the Wine Layman: Wine in Plain English is caught by the censors. The Wine Layman equates the internet with a slightly risque version of non-premium cable TV. This is done for effect so humor and sarcasm comes across more effectively in the blog posts. It's done on occasion and not all that frequent and it's ALWAYS ABOUT THE WINE. Point being, we're all adults here and the Wine Layman expects any guest blogger to act like an adult. Any post with language that is felt coming across as intentionally derogatory, angry without reason, especially in a way that is racist, prejudice, sexist or puts ones political views on display, will not be considered for the blog and will be reported to guestblo.gs. Don't make us have to do that. Thanks so much. 6)Just a formality - this is a wine blog..about wine. Sometimes we might go off the subject a bit just to make a point. HOWEVER, anyone who even comes within 5 feet of posting any kind of content having to do with what we consider spam, pornography or content that is just downright inappropriate will be automatically removed and will receive a lifetime ban from guest posting on The Wine Layman: Wine in Plain English. And once again you will be reported to guestblo.gs. Don't make us have to do that....again. Thanks so much. 7)It is automatically assumed that these terms and conditions will be agreed upon by all guest bloggers once they agree to post on The Wine Layman: Wine in Plain English. These terms are subject to change, non-negotiable and are only set forth by the owner of The Wine Layman: Wine in Plain English. Failure to agree tothis will result in? You guessed it - A ban from posting on The Wine Layman: Wine in Plain English and reporting of your actions to guestblo.gs.

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