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CakePHP – A Vital Tool for Web Development

| Web Technology | February 26, 2014


Each year we witness emergence of new web development technologies. However, the burgeoning number of web development technologies brings along lots of challenges for developers. Luckily, today there are a few web development technologies using which it becomes easy to design and develop user-friendly and dynamic websites. In this guest post, I’ll be highlighting about certain important aspects of CakePHP and how it has been able to create a niche amongst the popular web development frameworks.



Introduction to CakePHP Development

CakePHP helps in making building web applications a simple task, as unlike PHP it requires less coding. CakePHP is an open source PHP framework which is based on the MVC architecture that offers users with a simple guide to carry out development. Besides this, since CakePHP comes with individual building components, it becomes quite easy to create objective modules.

This isn’t the end! For any novel beginner CakePHP integrated validation features relives them from the hassles to conform to the PHP development rules and conventions, using active trackback options. Another significant thing about the CakePHP framework is that it easily allows you to set-up database. Furthermore, with CakePHP ordered library, you get the advantage of code assemblies that can be used in order to create diverse functionalities as well as object modules.

Other than taking into account all the aforementioned features of PHP, CakePHP involves many other aspects that can prove to be beneficial for the website owners. However, hiring a CakePHP Development Company can help you in getting a simple and user-friendly interface for your website. Besides, hiring a professional CakePHP development company offer you much more than just customized websites. For an instance, you can opt to build web apps, ecommerce sites, etc. without facing any kind of complexity.

Key Aspects of CakePHP Frameworks

In case you have planned on hiring experienced CakePHP developers, you can receive custom web development solutions. This is because experienced CakePHP developers are acquainted with the tactics that allows modification of your website’s database to a completely new database catering your specific business requisites. What’s the best thing? With CakePHP you aren’t required to go offline to bring in changes made visible to the site. Besides this, there are three main key aspects that make CakePHP a favored PHP framework among developers:

  • Reusability of the Code: CakePHP allows reusability of already written code into varied projects, and thereby saves a lot of development time. What Else? Developers do not have to put much emphasis on writing code, and thus, they can focus more on the logical and ingenious part of the project.
  • Zero Configurations: Since most of the CakePHP features and settings get automatically detected, developers aren’t required to configure any settings on their own. Rather they’re only required to configure the database connection settings.
  • CRUD Scaffolding: A lot of database issues can be resolved easily by implementing CRUD within your CakePHP development environment. CRUD is a functionality offered by CakePHP to its users in order to help them easily manage the data. With CRUD you can perform the following functions:
  • Create
  • Read
  • Update
  • Delete


Aforementioned are few reasons that provide an insinuation as to what CakePHP actually means and how it can be useful. CakePHP helps in producing scalable solutions for all your business requirements and is today widely used by over million developers around the world, eventually making it the most preferred open source PHP framework!

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