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HELP: TIM – The Influencers Movement

| Web Technology | April 27, 2015

As a blogger, marketer or small online business owner it is hard to find a marketing strategie that works. Experts all over the world will tell you, that you need a homebase as your website or blog where you have full control. Right. You should use Twitter, Facebook and more to build dialogs and traffic to your blog. Right.

But her is the point, growth like this takes time. A huch amount of time. While you have to be able to gain money for your rent you start to get nerves after the first week and may be you start to buy traffic… As a result, you may get traffic but not more sales or you get banned from Google and you are out of the market.

Influencer Marketing

So what else could you do to spread your ideas or products? Start a campaign in the internet with affiliate marketing? It sounds great, but still it does not work, because you are not knowen and other who run high traffic sites would prefere big names or high fees instead of yours. But, I would not have writen this post, if there is not a solution. Two girls from europe just started a campaign on Kickstarter to solve this problem. They call it TIM, the “The Influencers Movement” her at TIM your story is as important as the fee or revenue you share. With time it should be easier and cheaper to gain follower and build a successfull campaign. Watch this video to see how it works:

And then as a next step got to Kickstarter and support The Influencers Movement #JOINTIM and become a backer. Why to Join Tim?


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