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How to Get More Guest Posts for Your Blog?

| Blogging Tips | July 3, 2013

More Guest Posts for Your Blog

Guest posts mean free content and more time to enjoy yourself because somebody else writes the posts for you. Guest posts mean free promotion because when the author promote his or her post, it would be promotion for your website too since the post is located at your website. Guest posts means new friend since you can build good relationship with the author of the posts. Guest posts means new knowledge since the author may know something that you do not know yet. Due to many benefits of guest posts, you need to have one or more for your blog.

Yet, the question remain, How to Get More Guest Posts for Your Blog?

The reason why people post something on other website is mostly for exposure, reputation, and traffic. If you want people to post on your blog, you need to create blog that could give people big exposure, increase reputation, and increase traffic. You yourself need to make your blog has good reputation in online world. Of course, it would be hard work but it worth.

More Guest Posts for Your Blog

More Guest Posts for Your Blog

Many people hate rejection so they will only send proposal and queries to someone they sure accepting guest post. If you do not tell them that you are accepting guest post, how they will know about it? Of course, maybe the words are not “accept guest post” that sound cheap. You can use something more elegant but carry the meaning that you accept guest post. You can try something like “write for (your blog name)” or “say you own thought”. In addition, in your network or at forums, you can ask your people to post on your blog.

People hate to wait and they need information fast. Sending email just to ask guidelines is something that will waste their time. If you tell them that they can write for you, you need to inform them your guidelines. You had better put your guidelines on separate page and not in your homepage. Remember that your blog is not an article directory. Even article directories have their own guidelines page. About the guidelines, you need to make it helpful for you to screen good and bad post but do not make it too complicated for the author.

To attract people to write for you, promise them something that would be helpful for them. Allows them to put author bio with link and picture would be good offer. Tell them that you will twit the post or promote it on your social network would be great idea. Tell them that you will put the post on your newsletter is another idea. You can search more idea that will attract people to post on your blog.

You need to build good relationship with more and more people who have the same interest with you. Although they may not intend to guest post something today, in the future they may interest to post on your blog. Remember to be patience and be confidence. Something may not go perfect in the beginning but if you try hard, you will do a nice job.

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5 Responses to “How to Get More Guest Posts for Your Blog?”

  1. Very informative and helpful post! I personally need the tips in this post for me to gather more guest posters. Guest posts are really helpful for both website owners and to guest posters as well. It can be a great opportunity for guest bloggers to promote their website, business and products. Being in online world, we should established good business relationship and friendship to more and more people and businessmen online.

  2. I agree that if you want people to contribute to your website, you should exchange a service with them instead. It’s only fair that you trade each others services, especially in today’s highly technical world. Social media payment, baby!

  3. I want to become a guest blogger. Where are the best sites to getting something like that to happen? I’m anxious as ever. Yup.


  4. I really like the graphic on your page here. it looks pretty schnazzy… actually all of your stuff does. Who designed it? Looks great! -Em

  5. Just ask people, especially on popular sites, podcasts, YouTube Pages, Facebook Pages, etc. You’d be surprised what people are willing to contribute. Give it a try and you may develop a great working relationship. Besides, the networking could really pay off. Maybe they’ll ask you to contribute to their site as well. Maybe?

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