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What Is Search Engine Optimization

| Blogging Tips | January 15, 2014

Content Marketing

Search engine optimization is truly the way forward in the world of online marketing. Whether you have a business selling products/services, or you are simply relying on advertising on a site as a method of income, you should know already that SEO is crucial to the success of your efforts. Unfortunately, SEO encompasses such a broad range of topics, methods, strategies, and speculations. It can truly take years to master all of the various nuances of SEO; however with search engines updating their algorithms so frequently, the idea of truly mastering all of the SEO methods and strategies out there is impossible.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

There are, however, several main aspects of SEO that have remained constants throughout the years. No matter how often Google updates their search engine, or whatever new programs or services become available, these five elements will be an essential part to any proper SEO strategy.


It is frequently said amongst website owners that “content is king“. This short little phrase rings incredibly true when applied to search engine optimization. Content truly is the most vital point of SEO that needs to be focused on first. If you have poor quality content, then no matter how many hours you put into back linking and optimizing it, your content will have low conversion rates.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Take the focus off anyone but your customers at first. Deliver exactly the content your customers want and make it 100% original and unique. By doing so, you lay a strong foundation for a fabulous blog that will be significantly easier to optimize.

White Hat Compliance

Anyone looking for sustainable SEO on a blog or site absolutely must maintain a strict adherence to white hat methods. Anything that is remotely suspicious or considered spammy may have a negative impact on a site later on. Recently many web owners were privy to a perfect example of this. Programs such as Scrapebox and other similar made it so simple for backlinks to be spammed out to blogs via the commenting systems already in place. Countless sites received thousands upon thousands of backlinks that slightly boosted their rankings for keywords and brought in a bit of traffic.

White Hat Compliance

White Hat Compliance

Now, however, Google’s recent updates have rendered those methods moot. Website owners who relied heavily on those types of backlinks saw penalties and massive rank drops. Many spent a significant amount of time unlinking their sites from those comments and attempting to remove any further penalties that were recently imposed on them.


Keyword research is vital to any SEO method. Understanding what keywords your site is going to rank for ensures that you can tailor your efforts and see drastic results. Going for keywords that are not overly competitive ensures that a site can begin to rise in ranks and see traffic while it continues to build its content. Unfortunately finding the right keywords can take a bit of time and effort, but should the wrong keywords be focused on, all the efforts can be for naught when there is little traffic coming into a site after hours upon hours of optimization and content creation have gone into it.


Backlinks are essentially web votes that tell search engines a website is worth linking to. The more votes a site has, the more likely it is that site will be higher ranked in search engines for specific keywords. Unfortunately natural backlinks are hard to achieve for new sites. Using various methods of manual and natural SEO link creation can ensure that a site begins to accumulate a massive amount of high quality and sustainable back links for various keywords. These methods can include guest blogging, contest creations, news jacking, and more!

Social Media

Social media is the last thing that truly plays a vital role in search engine optimization. Social media sites are an integral part in people’s lives. They check them every day, share interesting content on them, and favorite them for later viewing. Having an online presence in various social media services is essential, however consistent posting and updates will help a site gain lower quality (but white hat) backlinks and can lead to a steady stream of traffic.


SEO tactics and methods will constantly change however there are a few elements that will remain the same. Focusing your attention first on content is crucial, but don’t forget about backlinks, social media, keywords and your white hat because with them all you can truly boost your sites performance and soar up in the page ranks!

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Larry Smith

This post is written by Larry Smith, the Director of Internet Marketing at Neueseo, who is an expert in Web Development, Online Advertising and SEO and a specialist in the management of Google AdWords Advertising Campaigns.

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