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GuestBlo.gs for Website Owners

| Blogging Tips | June 27, 2013

guest blogs

Find Guest Bloggers for Your Website or Blog

Content is king in the age of Internet and social media marketing. Your customers want an uninterrupted supply of juicy and interesting posts, and the search engines have an insatiable appetite for current, SEO-optimized content. Fresh and relevant content is always in short supply. Guest blogging provides the solution. Guestblo.gs is the content supermarket where you can get high quality, fresh and free guest posts for your website or blog.

What Guest Bloggers are Looking for

Guest bloggers are entrepreneurs and professionals usually looking to establish themselves as experts or credible voices in their own fields.  They have useful information to share with your audience. Most of them are flexible and would write on any topic. Guest bloggers don’t charge you anything; however, you’ll need to offer some value in return for their posts. Website owners usually provide that value by publishing a short bio of the guest author along with a link back to the domain of the author’s choice.

How to Get Guest Bloggers Interested

The factors that can influence your ability to woo good guest bloggers are as follows:

Traffic Count

Most guest bloggers would like their content to be distributed and read widely. If your website receives many hits, you have better chances of attracting better quality guest posts.

Social Media Following

Having a strong social media presence and a lot of following makes your website a favourite among guest bloggers. You can guarantee the guest bloggers that their posts will be transmitted to your followers via your social media channels.

Page Rank

PageRank is a number from 0 to 10, and depends upon the number of referral links leading to your website. Most guest bloggers would blog for websites that have a PageRank of 2 or more. The best way to improve your PageRank is to do some guest blogging yourself, and build links to your domain.

Website Layout

A professionally designed, easy to navigate website layout also helps you attract guest bloggers.

How to Attract High Quality Guest Posts Using Guestblo.gs

You can take the following steps to improve the quality and increase the number of guest posts that you receive for your website.

guest blogs

guest blogs

  • Post detailed and precise requirements, including preferred topics, word count, keywords, and other details
  • Draft your invitation professionally and make it free from errors and typos
  • State clearly how you would compensate the guest bloggers
  • Have a dedicated page with guidelines for guest blogging on your website
  • Reply guest bloggers’ emails promptly and establish a good rapport with them
  • Make an author page on your website and link the Google+ authorship link of all guest contributors to improve the SEO ranking of your website

How to Use Guestblo.gs

It’s really simple. Just make a free account, post your requirements, and start receiving offers from guest bloggers right away.

You can also choose from tons of guest posts already available in our archives. Register free now and start receiving a steady supply of fresh and free content for your blog or website.

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