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How to Use Your Google+ Profile to Dominate Rankings

| Blogging Tips | March 4, 2014

Google+ Profile

One of the easiest ways to increase traffic to your website is to utilize the service of high ranking social media websites. With more people spending time each day on these sites, it only makes sense to get your name and brand in front of as many potential customers as possible. But with so many social sites to choose from, which one is the best fit for my particular business? When you are trying to dominate the search engine rankings, it makes sense to go to where the source that originally generated these rankings. Google+ is a social platform that if used correctly, can literally skyrocket your ranking in the search engines.

It only makes sense that if you want to rank higher in the Google search results, that you should employ Google’s version of social media. The Google + platform is a unique combination of self-promotion and customer interaction, that if balanced correctly can make you an authority in your particular niche. The first thing you have to do is to create your business profile on the Google + website. This is going to be a direct extension of your business and needs to look as professional as your main website. Customize your profile as thoroughly as you can, giving visitors the ability to really get a feel for your company. Take time to write a few paragraphs about your company’s policies and goals, and be sure to give your company a human touch with photographs of your facility and employees if possible.

Google+ Profile

Google+ Profile

The next thing you must do in order to help your search rankings is to start joining other groups on Google + that are directly related to your industry. Once accepted to those groups, place a small message on their homepage thanking them for allowing you to join the group. The way that you are going to interact with people in the group is by using the 80/20 rule. For every ten posts you make, eight of them must offer assistance to people, offer insights into your industry, and offer helpful tips and advice for people looking for information in your niche. The other two posts you will sprinkle in information about the products and services you have on your website. Take time each day to interact on those communities so you come across as someone who can easily be reached when needed. By offering advice and helpful information, you come off as an authority and not a salesman. When the visitors need your product or service in the future, you name will most surely be the first they think of.

Once you have established yourself on Google+ it is important to incorporate the +1 button on all the pages of your website. Those buttons can easily be installed using a free plugin that automatically adds the Google+ button to all your content. That way when you promote your pages in those groups you joined, targeted visitors will stop by your pages and most likely click those +1 buttons. That in turn helps to tell Google that your information is relevant and helpful to others, and allows them to increase the rankings of those web pages in the SERPs.

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